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Hello Friends and Community,

I'm Shany Bakal, a mother of three and a dedicated program manager deeply committed to building and supporting communities.

At the core of PlayeDATE lies a vision sculpted from my deeply personal journey—a fusion of life experiences and my pursuits in Gvanim Community Leadership. This combination illuminated the importance of staying connected with families, especially during significant life changes.

My family's relocation to the US, driven by a work offer, brought us to San Diego with very young kids and without the support of friends or family. Navigating the complexities of starting anew ignited a personal commitment to community support.

My Commitment to Support Our Community

I actively assisted new moms in their challenging first year with a new baby and supported families with children undergoing medical treatments. I facilitated social relationships for their kids in a new environment.

My outreach extended to young families facing relocation challenges, offering assistance to those lacking the means for afternoon playdates. This profound understanding of diverse family challenges fueled the motivation to establish PlayedAte.

About the Founder

Beyond a Venture

PlayedAte is not just a business venture; it's a response to a genuine need for spaces fostering connections and support for young families. The founding vision, rooted in my personal journey and professional expertise, underscores the transformative potential of family experiences.


The importance of the young family community is paramount, a supportive network that enriches lives, creates lasting memories, and becomes the foundation for thriving societies.

Thank you for joining me on this extraordinary journey to building our young family community together.

Warm regards,

Shany Bakal

Founder, PlayedAte

The Revolutionary Play Date

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