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For building our young families community!

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Community Champions

We're seeking individuals who care deeply about our community and are willing to invest in our kids' future. Whether through grants, donations, or angel investment with convertible debt, your support will play a pivotal role in bringing the revolutionary concept of PlayedAte to life.

Enhancing Personal Investment

While I've invested significantly in PlayeDATE, unfortunately, this personal commitment falls short. We're reaching out to partners, like you, who understand the importance of investing in our community's well-being and can help us bridge the gap.

Why Your Support Matters

Passion for Community

Share our passion for community building and understand its profound impact on our future generations' well-being.

Investment in Connectivity

Your contribution goes beyond PlayedAte, it's a direct investment in forging meaningful connections among San Diego's young families.

Building a Strong Foundation

Supporting PlayedAte directly contributes to creating a haven where families come together, creating memories, and establishing a foundation for a resilient and vibrant community.

Your Role in Building Our Future

Your support isn't just about funding a venture; it's actively participating in the creation of a transformative space.


The success of PlayedAte isn't just a business achievement, it's a contribution to the future of thriving societies.

Building a strong community for young families is paramount.


Your support will create a haven where families can come together, fostering connections, creating lasting memories, and laying the foundation for a resilient and vibrant community.

Help us shape the Future of San Diego's Young Families

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